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 Why hide your IP address with IPMasquerade  & surf anonymously  ?

 As soon as you go online, you obtain an  Internet Protocol address, commonly refereed to as an  IP. This is your online fingerprint, so to speak, and can act as a form  of internet tracking device. Every web master can retrace exactly what you did on his web page: what products did you show an interest in , which ones you did not, etc  What pictures did you look at? What downloads did you make ? What sites did you visit and a whole range of other important data that can be linked to you and your address..
So, It is not a question of having something to hide or not. You have a right to privacy and don’t have to justify this to anyone. Take the freedom to surf the internet, view whatever pictures you want, access whatever sites you want and upload/download what you want.As long as what you are doing is legal, there is no concerns over any recourse.All in private and without anyone snooping on your surfing habits.
The Internet is a world wide web of information, discovery and education, all wrapped in one package.But like any wonder there is always something lurking in the background that threatens that wonder.

Beware of the hacker !

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The internet is packed  with spammers, scammers, and hackers all waiting to exploit your online presence and steal your personal information for their gains, often without your knowledge.Anyone who shows the hackers their real IP address is like giving them your personal details on a plate.Would you really make it this easy for a criminal in real life ? So, why make it easy for them online ?

Even your own Internet Service Provider (ISP) tracks your online behaviour ! They will monitor your online activities , your downloads, the websites you visit and block the ones they believe you should not have access to.

If you value your privacy and want to make it more difficult for the scammers and hackers then join the anonymous surfing revolution today ! With IP Masquerade you can surf with a fake IP address that conceals your real IP and stay ahead of the hackers.


 Before you go online, WEAR THE MASQ !


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