Why consider buying a proxy list from IPMasquerade?

Before we consider their uses, please note that all public proxies available via our web proxy list service are derived from harvesting free Open Proxy Servers to find only good, reliable and fast proxies that are then filtered and sorted  by Port, Countries, Protocols, Anonymity levels and Speed.We continue this process of  refreshing and updating  thousand of proxies daily to ensure you have access to the most live public proxies available, this includes in over 20 countries.You can then use these tested public proxies for a variety of legitimate uses, as you see fit, most notably to remain anonymous whilst surfing the internet, or accessing sites that are regionally blocked.Some gamers require numerous proxies for their gaming and this is a common usage of proxy lists also.Here below is some other common uses.*Please note that we do not condone any form of questionable or illegal use of such proxies and it requires the user to excercise good judgement in determinig the appropriate use of proxies.

 I want to remain anonymous when online.

This is by far the most common reason why users want to use a proxy.You can select from dozens of proxies and use these easily within your browser settings to surf the web anonymously and therefore hide your real IP address from those hackers who want to steal your ip information and track you via your IP address.The hackers will be given a proxy address and not your real IP.

 I want to access sites that are regionally or country blocked like music and certain video sites.

Another popular use of proxies is to access certain sites that may not be available in your country of residence.Quite often it can be a case of missing out on some great music, videos, shows or site content would othrwise be inaccessible to you.With a daily list of live, working proxies its easy to configure your browser to use these and give you access to such sites.

I am an online marketer, can I use this proxy list for my online activities?

Anonymity with proxies

The primary reason online markete  and businesses use proxy servers is for anonymity. Proxies allow people to research the competition without the fear of being tracked cookies or other methods. When all requests are routed through a proxy server, the identity of the user is  hidden. This means that online marketers are able to visit the websites of competitors without ever being identified. Whether it is someone trying to access a certain website that is blocked in their country because of political reasons or an internet marketer trying to avoid having their IP blocked when extracting data from websites, remaining anonymous is therefore very important.

Web Scraping with proxies

Internet marketers will frequently use web scraping yechniques to extract data from websites of interest but there is always the chance that the remote web server can block their computer’s IP address, therefore preventing them from accessing the website. With using proxies in a rotational manner however, the internet marketer’s identify is concealed and there is  no chance of them getting blocked from accessing the website they are extracting the data from.So proxies are a viable option for internet marketers and is a fairly common practice among internet marketers, with the proxies helping them to prevent them from being identified during the data mining process. Proxies maintain the user’s anonymity while scraping data so that all risk of being blocked is completely removed.

Running mass searches on Google/rank tracking tools with dedicated proxies

Rank tracking tools play a very important role in online marketing and SEO, as they can help internet marketers to check their keyword rankings across both national and international search engines. These tools are extremely important when it comes to sfinding and using the most effective keywords to help drive taretted traffic to your website.

The problem with sending mass queries to Google and all other search engines is that it can be interpreted as a  potential DOS to the search engines if all the requests come from a single IP address, which is why rotational proxies play a crucial role. Internet marketers that want to avoid having their IP blocked use a proxy server to mask their true identities to bypass this problem altogether. Without proxies its almost certain that the search engine will IP block them permanently, preventing them from performing more searches. By sending queries to search engines through different proxy servers, this reduces the risk of this significantly.

Facebook, Twitter & Automating  social media accounts with proxies

If you are an internet marketer who is in charge of manages dozens, or even hundreds of social media accounts on websites like Facebook and Twitter, you will end up making many requests for a number of accounts from the same IP address, which would be detected as illegitimate activity by the sites. Many internet marketers have got their IP addresses blocked because they are detected by Twitter and other social media websites, but a proxy server can solve this problem altogether.

The most effective way to automate mass social media accounts without running the risk of getting your IP address blocked is to use multiple proxies so it appears as though all of the activity is perfectly normal and legitimate. All of that activity coming from one IP address is bound to draw the wrong kind of attention from the social media websites you are automating accounts on, so you will have to use multiple proxies to avoid getting blocked altogether.





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