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Need a more sophisticated and robust solution to your online privacy ?

If that’s the case then you need a VPN !
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And we have the ideal solution.In partnership with Zenmate, the  worlds leading  VPN, we can offer you the most reliable, robust and secure VPN to protect your online privacy, at the most affordbale prices.

Security made Simple

Easy-to-install laptop and desktop security client.

A Zenmate Windows VPN is easy to install and launches straight from your taskbar. One click makes your PC and your connection completely secure. The VPN client works automatically whenever you start your PC, and you’ll connect to the Zenmate worldwide network of highly secure proxy servers. Zenmate is  with you every time you connect.

Keep Your Business…Yours

Powerful VPN with encryption for your PC.

Connecting to a Zenmate Windows VPN secures your connection and computer against threats. It also makes you anonymous and protects your data. How? By using powerful encryption so that no one can see your information. But don’t worry about the technicalities – Zenmare has you shielded.

Access Everywhere, Anywhere

Choose your Windows proxy server.

With a worldwide network of proxy server locations, you can choose where you want to connect from to access the Internet. Switch your location to keep up with your favourite TV programs. Avoid country based limitations, and access the content you need. Away from home? Take home away with you.

You can get a premium account for FREE today and test it!


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