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How to hide your IP address, how it works !


A simple, clean interface makes using the software a breeze !


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IP Masquerade saves you so much time and effort trying to find good, reliable and live proxy IP addresses.The software does all of this for you and matches the best available proxies to the websites you want to view.All at the click of a button !

 You can see some of the features highlighted below :


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First, enter any websites you visit regularly, or are interested in, and add them to the Managed scanned website window in the settings menu :

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There are several default websites of general interest but you can add others with a recommended total of up to 15 websites at any one time !

Next, you can open the Manage your IP’s  from the settings tab and add any specific IP addresses you have that you want to include and the software will scan these IP’s  as well as the hundreds from our live database.

Once you have done this you are finished and all that’s required is to click the scan button :

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Then watch the magic as the software begins to scan from the hundreds of IP addresses on our database and test them for response time to the websites you have selected.The best ( and quickest ones ) will be populated in the table listing the following information for you :

green tick 2small   IP address and port number.

green tick 2small  The IP address country of origin.

green tick 2small  The scanned website, ie

green tick 2small  The response time of the IP

green tick 2small  A save option to store the IP address for future use.


These options are filterable in the sort menu and you can select whatever results in whatever order you want first, for example the response time may be important to you so you can filter this to show the IP addresses with the quickest response time to the website of your choice .

 You can track the progress of the scan by the green progress bar in the centre of the software interface.You can also stop the scan at any time if you think you have enough IP addresses to use for all the sites you want to view:


scan bar2


 Then its just a simple case of selecting the best IP address from the table for the corresponding website and then clicking the all important Masq me  button !

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The software does the rest and will ensure your real IP address is hidden and you surf your chosen website with the proxy IP of your choice ! Your online protection is now is place.See it in real time in the video below.

Online security at the click of a button ! Simple !

Your online identity and privacy is intact and you are free from hackers and scammers who exploit  easy IP targets and the trail of information they leave behind.So, no more worries about relaying any of your private information to the world !


When you go online, remember to WEAR THE MASQ !


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